All About Kringle

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Kringle is a family tradition among Racine's traditional bakers like Eric Olesen of O&H Danish Bakery.
A distinctive oval-shaped pastry
Kringle making demonstration at Larsen Bakery

All About Kringle

Kringle, an oval-shaped, authentic Danish pastry produced predominately in Racine County, is Wisconsin's State Pastry. Each kringle contains 32 layers of flaky dough — and filling choices from fruits to nuts.

Racine-made kringle is enjoyed by millions of international dessert connoisseurs each year. Now a key part of the community’s traditions,kringle has put Racine County on the food map. This delectable pastry has been featured on national television, including the Food Network, the Travel Channel and the Today Show. Food critics from near and far just love it! As a New York Times food writer put it, Racine-made kringle is "the only kringle a self respecting Dane would eat."

Our local bakeries produce and ship kringle all over the world - especially at Christmas. But the best way to experience kringle is to visit Racine!

The Olesen family's Kringle baking tradition is featured in this short video.

Where to Buy

Here are links to the local bakeries that include Danish kringle among their specialties:

Bendtsen’s Bakery
Larsen's Bakery
Lehmann’s Bakery
O & H Danish Bakery
Racine Danish Kringles

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